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André Larabie, President
National Resolution Services, Inc

Dear Friend,

Ask yourself these two questions: 

  1. Would you like to learn how to make at least an extra 25, 50, 60 or even 100 thousand dollars during the second half of 2021?

  2. Are you available to attend Three (3) Days (3-hour sessions) of Comprehensive and Intensive Online Instruction in the comfort of your home?

If you answer YES to these two questions, then please continue because there are some important things you should know.



National Resolution Services, Inc a leading authority on negotiation, management, and marketing of Commercial Debt Management Services, we offer you the chance to change your direction, your career, and your life by attending this National Resolution Services, Inc training online live…


Please let me introduce myself. My name is André Larabie, President of National Resolution Services, Inc. 

I am a Certified Business Coach, a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC), a Certified Master Coach, a Professional Debt Negotiator, and a Certified Debt Management Professional (CDMP) who is also certified as a Mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida and the Ontario Alternative Dispute Resolution Association in Toronto, Canada. I’ve earned a master’s in business administration (MBA) and a Doctorate of Business Administration (Ph.D. / DBA). 

I am giving you my background, not to “blow my own horn,” but to show you that if there’s anyone who can help you reach your goals in this exciting, profitable, in demand profession of the 21st Century— it’s me.  

I am not a theoretician. For the last twenty-five years I’ve earned a six-figure income in Commercial Debt Management Consulting. 

I was fortunate to be personally mentored by Mr. Bud Bergeron, CEO of Banks, Bentley & Cross (BBC), the founder of the proven time-tested Business Model that I am presenting to you today. Bud Bergeron is officially retired from the Debt Management Profession, and as an Endorsed Affiliate of his, he’s passed the mantle on to me to train future professional affiliates like you.


Now is your chance to become a… 

Professional Commercial Debt Negotiator

The National Resolution Training and Affiliate Program:


  • Three (3) Days (3-hour sessions) of Comprehensive and Intensive Zoom Instruction
  • Documents, Forms & Agreements
  • Step-by-Step case Consultations for your Clients
  • Targeting, Interviewing and Qualifying Potential Clients
  • Client Acquisitions and Lead Generation Programs
  • Proven and Successful Negotiation Tactics and Strategies
  • Pre-arranged Account Receivable Financing and Factoring
  • Copyrighted Training System and Materials
  • Six (6) Months of Support and Consultation Services
  • Opportunity to team up with Dr. Larabie on closing large cases

The Commercial Debt Negotiating Bootcamp experience incorporates proven-effective learning strategies… Keeping up with changes and staying one step ahead is not an option – it’s a necessity. Like any dynamic career, the world of consulting is constantly changing, evolving and expanding. 

By keeping up with it, you can give your clients twice what they expect, and they will remain your clients for years and tell others to seek you out.

Limited Seats. This event will fill up VERY quickly. Make sure and register NOW to get all the bonuses.


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It’s time and money well spent…

Your time is extremely valuable! If it isn’t, you shouldn’t be attending this boot camp. Every minute spent on ongoing training and development should generate increasing growth for your business. 

Therefore, we are compelled to make sure the value received from this boot camp is considerably greater than the tuition paid to attend. It is not inexpensive. We make no apologies.

In this life, you get what you pay for, but only through National Resolutions Services can you find the combined resources of knowledge and experience needed to make a boot camp like this happen.

It won’t be a typical boot camp…

Don’t expect to lean back and take a few notes here and there! This is a highly interactive, working boot camp. You will learn from a seasoned Professional Commercial Debt Negotiator with over 30 years hands-on experience, and you’ll learn from the other participants. 

Your ideas, your practices, your beliefs, your approaches will be challenged, and you’ll begin to think about the business of Commercial Debt Negotiator in a new light. 


Date of the training will be announced once we have reached our capacity

What you will learn?

Commercial Debt Negotiator Boot Camp Agenda


DAY ONE: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Orientation – Introduction – Introduction to Commercial Debt Management – The mind-set of a successful debt negotiating consultant. Establishing Your Fees – Background – Setting up your Practice.

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Philosophy and Motivation – The Total Picture – How to obtain leads – Appointments – The approach Process – Appointment Presentation. Negotiation

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Review – Closing the case – More on marketing – Residual Income Opportunities and Additional Profit Centers – Marketing Your Consulting Practice – Selling your service – Making It Grow Quickly – Fee structure – Glossary of Terms – Forms & Agreement – Hiring and training staff – Review.



Who Should Attend This Event?

Anyone who wants to start a Commercial Debt Management Practice.

If you have experience in business or a background in sales, accounting, negotiation, dispute resolution, mediation or management and are looking for an opportunity to use that experience to create a six-figure income in your first year, the National Resolution Debt Negotiation Program may be just what you’re looking for.. 

You should also attend this event if you’re in any profession where you can add this profit centre to your existing services.

Who Should NOT Attend This Event?

Please do not attend this event if you aren’t open to new ideas or think you know it all. I frankly don’t want to have anyone at any event that has this attitude.

Much of the information at this event will be so dramatically different than what you’ve heard in the past that you’ll have to keep an open mind. Trust me, you’ll be amazed.


“André’s ability to speak to creditors is magic we all don’t have.  I was looking in the eye of a tornado until I came in contact with André and his services, very easy to speak to was able to put me at ease and develop a plan with me and negotiate down large sums that would have Bankrupt us otherwise.  Not just an outstanding service but a real honest and professional person!

In 1 month of business/life coaching I was able to get back to dreaming as an entrepreneur again, all the reasons we start that get buried in the hectic days André was able to push that aside and help realign me with the reasons I do what I do.  I found the energy to get back on my sales drive and in 30 days have under contract 1.9 million in construction work.  He hustles just like us and no team is complete without a coach, I’ve found mine! Thanks André also known as The Seven Figure Advisor. Recently André negotiated 4 judgments totaling over $125K not including the interest which would double the original amount.  Once he was done it cost me $40K instead of $250K”

Justin Cole

“Worth 10 times the amount paid for admission.”

Nathan Girard

“Worthwhile and timely….like magic!” ”

Dennis Keane

“In a word, fantastic!”

Tim Houston

“The novice is trained to give the appearance of a seasoned professional. This course is invaluable.”

Sabrina Reichstein

“Training and induction were firmly in the hands of a team who know not only what they teach, but excel in the art of presenting it with wit, intelligence and functional efficiency”

Millie Thorton

“I don’t know what happened the past six weeks, but someone opened the floodgates! I am in heaven and praying that I’m not dreaming.”

Kim Stander

“Successfully negotiated five of my first 10 cases. So far, I see no reason I can’t eventually settle the last five.”

Charles Lucas

“Not bragging, but, $3000.00 a week income would not have been possible without your course.”

Scott Iverson

“Tremendous opportunity to do well and make money in a single stroke!”

Ray Kraft, Esq.

“Pleasure to do business with someone who is ‘real’, keeps his word and responds quickly”.

Roger Miller

“BBC seminar was extraordinary in confirming this profession’s potential.”

Mark Monroe

“Your consultation support is clear, concise and specifically to the point.”

John Curry

“My income is running well over the 100K mark. Next year, I expect a substantial increase in my personal income.”

Randy Simmons

“Awesome! Best business training I’ve every attended. You delivered on every promise. I feel I got it A to Z.”

Dave Ludena

“My client load doubled and my case load quadrupled. My income skyrocketed!”

Joe Nawrocki

“Most friends and my attorney didn’t think this would work and was a waste of time…Well, four years later, my standard of living has never been higher!”

Richard Wininger


Do I need to be licensed for this business?

No. There are no federal or state licensing requirements to perform this service.

How long does it take before I start generating business revenue?

Normally, anywhere from for days to three weeks.

Is there a lot of competition?

Very few people are presently doing this. There are so many cases available that 10,000 Affiliates couldn’t handle them in ten years. They develop by the dozen every hour, every day in every city. You can never run out of business. It’s so new that almost no one has ever heard of it. Chances are you’ll be operating with little competition or none at all.

What is the average Fee?

The average dispute is around $25,000. The average negotiation fee to you is around $3,000. However, large cases abound and sometimes you can generate $5,000-$15,000 fees. It’s quite common and not out of the ordinary.

Am I smart enough to do this?

YES! Once you have the knowledge that I’ll give you, keep it simple, stay with my approach and policies, and use basic every day common sense, you WILL succeed! It’s not complex. It’s just a matter of knowing what procedure to follow. I’ll teach you everything. You may have a 30 day learning curve. But don’t you agree it’s worth it if you’re making $1,000 or more every work day? Once you experience how I handle the first few cases, 90% of all others will seem second nature and very similar.

Can I do this in my city or state?

Yes! Debt Management is a people business… not a geographic one.

Do I advertise my services?

Yes, there are big paybacks on small ad budgets. However, I do recommend using my simple cost free method the first six months. Then you will have case resources that allow you to advertise. Print ads can make your work easier but are not required. But one-step at a time, my friend. The first one is to attend our THREE (3) days of training and become a Registered Affiliate so I can work with you and show you what you need to proceed and succeed!

When and how do I get paid?

You receive a cashier’s check or ACH in the full amount at the time of the settlement. You DO NOT bill accounts nor carry receivables. Again, the exciting part of this business is that you’re paid in advance— before settlement closing. 

If you think the Boot Camp Live Online is right for you. 



Reserve Now!

I’m Willing To Finance Part Of Your Tuition With NO Interest!

I want to show you just how confident I am that I can get you in the mid six-figure personal income bracket just as I have so many other people… many of whom probably don’t have as much business or life experience as you have, that… if you’re qualified…

What this means is, with the investment for our National Resolution Services Debt Management Consultant’s Business opportunity currently at $10,000, you only pay $5,000 to cover the cost of training. The balance of $5,000 is then paid at the rate of just $1,000 per month for 5 months.

Now if the shoe were on your foot, what would you do? Would you sit by and let them slide? Or would you work your tail off to see that they have every possible advantage… that they were as successful as possible as quickly as possible?  Well, I don’t think it takes too much to figure out what I’ll do for you.

The bottom line is, you pay me $5,000, I train you and give you all the support and help you need to be successful, and then you pay me $1,000 a month until the $5,000 is paid in full.

Only The “Qualified” Need Apply

How can I make such an offer, you ask? It’s simple. Because our program is so effective, and I have so many success stories proving it to be so, I simply can’t miss. Look… I want to make this program so risk-free for you, that if you’re qualified, that this is literally a no-brainer decision for you. 

Now please understand… I can’t make this offer for everyone. There are simply some people who don’t have what it takes to be successful in this business, and they’ll be a bigger problem to me than I am willing to deal with. 

My staff and I only have so much time and energy in each day, and to spend that time with people who just don’t get it is not our idea of running an effective, efficient, or a profitable business. It’s not what we teach you to do as a Professional Debt Manager, and it’s not the way we run our own business.

If you’re qualified… if you’re the right person, we’ll put you through a very intensive training… training that will get you up and running the first day you complete the online live training. No sense in wasting time… remember, you’ll have $5,000 of my money, and I want it back.

Additional people from the same organization or spouses can attend for an additional fee of only $3,000 per person.

Limited seats available. 


$20,000 Worth of Bonuses for Early Registration

Sign up for this event now and receive 4 bonuses worth well over $20,000 . . .

Bonus #1: Up to 4 hours additional one-on-one phone consultation with me (Dr. André Larabie). I personally charge $900 an hour for my time so this bonus is worth $3,600.00

Bonus #2: One year of Laser Coaching session:  Value: $3,497.00 

 Bonus #3: 1 year of Marketing Strategies online program:    Value: $6,500.00 

Bonus #4: Recording of our initial training:  Value: $995.00 

Total Bonus Value: Over $19,554. 


The program goes up to $15,000 after the first 5 individuals are registered.

#If you have questions, CALL: (321) 785-6048

Option # 1

If you pay the $10,000 up front, I will grant you 10% discount. Your total cost $9,000. And you’ll receive the training plus you will receive the 4 Bonuses Value: $19,554.

Option # 2

You pay $5,000 today and you will pay $1,000 per month for 5 months (no interest) Fair Enough!


Big Bonus Event – PLEASE Don’t Miss It!


Questions Before You Register?

Feel free to call me on my direct line if you have any questions. The number is 321-785-6048.  Don’t be shocked, I do answer my own phones ALL the time.

Also, don’t be shocked if I attempt to MAKE you come to the training. The experiences that I’ve had myself would make it unethical for me not to try and get you to attend! 

In Conclusion

Commercial Debt Negotiating CAN be an incredibly lucrative business. IF you, do it right. The cost of this event should be made up the very first few times you conclude a Negotiation with a Creditor.

You’ll learn things that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the next few years.

You owe it to yourself to invest in this incredible opportunity. Take action now. If you set this aside, you’ll end up forgetting about it.   Don’t do that!

You’ll miss out of your opportunity to uncover the secrets of marketing your own commercial debt negotiating consultancy business. The free bonuses alone are worth ($20,000) more than your initial investment of $10,000, not to mention the incredibly valuable content you’ll get out of the event itself.

What’s different about this event? Most of the events give you a lot of theoretical mumbo jumbo. Often all you hear is a lot of unintelligible psychobabble or worse yet, speakers whose primary goal is to impress you with how brilliant they are.

A lot of seminars give you a lot of theory, BS and vacuous FLUFF. This event will have none of that. Just highly relevant, immediately useable, easy to implement content. No theory, just practical, useable ideas.

So, Now What? 

If you’re considering skipping this event, THINK AGAIN!

I give you my personal guarantee that this event will be worth your time. You can sit on your hands and do nothing, or you can pick up the phone and call NOW to register.  

The information you’ll get at this event will pay you dividends for years to come.

If you want to really learn how to build a successful Debt Management Practice, then this is the event for you.

Click Here To Reserve Your Seat

We look forward to seeing you on this Virtual Online Training.


André Larabie, CBC, CMC, MBA, Ph.D.

National Resolution Services, Inc.

Boca Raton, Fl


PS – You must Act Immediately because Only the First 5 Individuals that sign up will receive the reduced price with the payment plan.  To qualify for your reduced program and the bonuses you must register today. The program goes up to $15,000 after the first 5 individuals are registered into the program.