Overwhelming debt can kill a business and cause even personal problems. Even the most successful businesses can have a huge payroll, not to mention taxes, rent and utilities, which can literally kill a business and its profit. Seeking commercial debt reduction is often a top priority for some businesses. If they choose not to seek commercial debt reduction, then businesses can find themselves filing for bankruptcy; then their problems can really begin. While in the past bankruptcy was a protective measure against monetary loss, recent rules have increased the availability of its claim. The Bankruptcy Abuse and Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 has made it more complicated for entrepreneurs seeking to file Chapter 11 or Chapter 7. The paperwork is twice the amount it used to be, and the costs can be even $50,000 for a small company. Commercial debt reduction can help businesses avoid bankruptcy and stay in function for more years.

If you want a debt reduction service, National Resolution Services is the one to call. We have a professional team that can sit down with you, get your unique needs, and find the best commercial debt reduction possible. Through its Debt Resolution Plan, National Resolution Services can act as a buffer between you and your creditors. Constant phone calls, emails, faxes and letters from creditors can be deleted. National Resolution Services offers commercial debt reduction services that include a debt resolution process which finds avenues for businesses to get out of debt fast, and with as little court interference as possible. Commercial debt reduction is the way to go.

At National Resolution Services our team can give sound advice on which way to go when facing important and threatening debt. National Resolution Services can help businesses reach a debt settlement with a payment plan that will suit your cash flow.

If a company chooses to go forward with a bankruptcy instead of seeking commercial debt reduction, it has to know that the route will not be that easy. This process takes the entrepreneur out of the picture. Through its commercial debt reduction services, National Resolution Services can look for methods to pay off creditors while keeping companies active. Our commercial debt reduction services are proven to work and are a much better option than bankruptcy.

Dr. André Larabie in 2011 wrote the book on the subject “Commercial Debt Negotiation” and also “ Mediate Don’t Litigate: How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees” .

Keep in mind our service is “ No Results – No Fee”