Our Team, Your Success

Our team is led by Doctor Andre Larabie. He personally oversees every case we take on. He has over thirty years of experience in debt management and has negotiated over $70 million in claims. Additionally, he is a court appointed mediator and arbitrator with an impeccable record of driving results. The confidence of his skill is evidenced by our clear: “no results, no payment” policy.

  • Over $70 million in claims negotiated
  • Over 120 lawsuits avoided
  • Over 175 default judgments resolved
  • Over 200 payment plans established
  • Over 300 commercial debt cases resolved
  • An average of more than 40% in savings to our clients
  • More than 350 judgments negotiated
  • More than 50% savings for our entire client base
  • More than 300 Debts restructured

Furthermore, Doctor Larabie is a bestselling author and has written over a dozen books on the subject; including the Amazon best-seller;

  • Mediate Don’t Litigate, How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees
  • Commercial Debt Negotiation
  • How to Turn Failing Business Into A Success Story in 120 Days or Less
  • How To Double your Profits in 6 Months or Less
  • How To Recession Proof Your Business.

He has also written scores of academic papers on the subject and is a recognized guest speaker at industry events and universities. Within the industry he is known as the “Godfather” of debt negotiation.