Business owners are busy running their business. They must make their products effective, stay on top of today’s financial market and pay the bills. These tasks can be very frustrating. Sometimes a business owner faces troubles doing all this work. If he or she is not attentive, the result could be a serious debt problem including collection agency calls and or litigation. Commercial debt management is an important aspect, which is made of business debt relief, business debt reduction and/or debt consolidation. Using a commercial debt management service company can help a business avoid bankruptcy, which should be the last option.

The U.S. Congress in 2005 crafted the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, filing for bankruptcy became a more complex process. A business owner facing bankruptcy in the past was capable of filing and receiving protection at much lower time and expense. However, today, entrepreneurs must do double the paperwork, have to pay more fees, and must deal with court appointed trustees who vigorously examine the books and try to find hot spot that they can use to claim the impossibility of process.

National Resolution Services is a professional firm when it comes to commercial debt management services. At National Resolution Services we take entrepreneurs under our wing and advise them towards the right debt solutions, so they can get back to running a profitable business.

Thanks to National Resolution Services entrepreneurs are able to put their fears aside and focus on what they really do best – growing their business. National Resolution Services commercial debt management service is a wise choice. Commercial debt management is just one aspect of National Resolution Services. We can help companies that are forced to deal with litigation as well. Many businesses can avoid the filing cost for bankruptcy, which can exceed $50,000 even for little companies.

Commercial debt management services are the best place to come when an entrepreneur is facing financial trouble. Commercial debt management services represent the best alternative to bankruptcy. In fact, with bankruptcy, a business owner may have a bad record for several years, making it difficult to start a new company.

Dr. André Larabie in 2011 wrote the book on the subject “Commercial Debt Negotiation” and also “ Mediate Don’t Litigate: How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees”.

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